Ireland Road Trip Travel Guide – Everything You Need To Know

When preparing for a big road trip around Ireland, it helps to know from someone that’s been there.

During my own trip around the country, I meticulously kept track of all the random bits of information that I learned along the way that I knew would be immensely helpful for any traveller planning for their very own adventure.

Driving in Ireland is personally the best way to truly see the country. It’s the only way that gives you the freedom to plan out an itinerary that meets your interests and timing.

Driving in Ireland

Perhaps most obvious is the fact that Ireland drives on the left side of the road. If you’ve never done it before, this is going to be the biggest adjustment that you’ll have to stay conscious about and almost vigilant about.

The Left Side

Don’t expect too many highways – The highways are known as motorways (M-class) and there are only a few that branch out from Dublin.

Driving The Roads

For the most part, you’re going to be driving on R and L-class roads. These are all paved roads so no worries about needing to go off-road in Ireland.

This was probably the biggest shock of all beyond driving on the left. There are a lot of roads you’ll be on that will be no wider than 1.5 car widths.

Narrow country roads

When you’re the only one in sight, this is fine but our hearts may have skipped a beat each time there was an oncoming car. Locals drive really fast and the corners are particularly unpredictable so my advice is to take it slow.

Next steps

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