Explore Costa Blanca with a 5-Day Alicante Itinerary

When people think of the Mediterranean, you often thinking about the Greek Islands, Amalfi Coast and maybe even Southern France but somewhere that often gets overlooked is the Spanish coastline.

One of the star coastal regions is Costa Blanca and one of the best ways to explore it is by flying into the city of Alicante and getting to know what makes this a favorite vacation spot for many.

Day 1 – Exploring the City

You’ll spend the day getting to know Alicante by meandering through the streets, taking a look at the local art work and pass by the beautiful fountain at Plaza de Los Luceros.

Day 2 – Beach Day

Getting to the beach is surprisingly easy with Alicante’s tram, making it a stress-free process. You’ll be spending most of the day chilling out at Playa de San Juan.

Day 3 – Day Trip to Altea

Visit to the picturesque white-washed alleyways of Altea. You’ll be expanding your exploration zone and soon find out why they call this the “Santorini of Spain”.

Day 4 – Tabarca Island

What makes this the perfect day trip is that you have hiking trails around the island, beaches to camp out at, and local food to try.

Whether it’s a partial day because of a flight or a full day, this is your chance to turn back towards the city after a couple of days of day trip excursions.

Day 5 – El Barrio and More

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