Explore the Best Pensions in Rangiroa for an Unforgettable Stay

The term “pension” is one that’ll come up quite a bit especially as you move away from the popular islands of Tahiti and Bora Bora.

These are quaint and authentic guesthouses or home stays you’ll find all around the country. In modern day travel, they’re essentially an Airbnb.

Chez Sand

This is the classic French Polynesia beachfront pension that is affordable, high on hospitality, and no frills.

Fare Manahere Lodge

Overlooking the Avatoru channel, this is a newly renovated property with beautiful views, epic sunsets, and generous hospitality.

Va’a i te Moana

Location wise, this is very close to Tiputa Pass to watch the dolphins and many restaurants and markets within walking distance.

Aotera Guest House

There are numerous bungalows along the beach and while basic, each offers extraordinary access to the white sand beach. Each bungalow has its own wooden terrace and private bathroom.

This property is closer to a resort but this is a family guest house with stunning luxurious bungalows with private bathroom and terrace.

Le Coconut Lodge

Vahaui Paradis

Another Rangiroa pension close to Tiputa Pass. This property offers the class type of bungalows with balcony. Rooms come outfitted with toaster, coffee machine, and refrigerator which is rare.

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