Yorkville is a neighbourhood of influence, high fashion, glitz, and glamour and is certainly one of the must-visits when planning your visit to Toronto.

Stay awhile with your visit to Yorkville by grabbing a meal, taking a walking tour, and perhaps pampering yourself in a 5-star hotel. Hey you never know, you might even spot a celebrity or two.

The Village of Yorkville Park

Originally a parking lot, this is now an urban park that was designed to reflect the Canadian landscape coast to coast.

This tower represented a new type of architecture in the city at the time where post-war downtown development only consisted of single-use towers that were abandoned at night.

The Colonnade

The Helconian Club

In the carpenter gothic revival style, this is home to the Helconian Club which supports women in the arts and is also a great music venue and art gallery.


You'll discover a number of metal sculptures on display that normal passerby's won't be able to see. The path leads into the Yorkville Village mall.

The Oldest Library

This is Toronto Public Library's oldest library. It dates back to June of 1907 when it was then the northern end of Toronto.

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