Favourite Magdalen Islands Winter Photography Locations

One of our favourite memories from our trip to the Magdalen Islands was the photography. There’s a remarkable vibrant and clear quality to the light in the winter and when paired with the landscape.

This guide help you plan your trip whether you love finding the most scenic spots or you’re a photographer, drone pilot, videographer or content creator.

Dune du Sud

This postcard view starts right at the southern edge of Dune du Sud Beach. After parking in the area, look for a rocky outcropping (rock barrier) that juts out into the water.

Cap Alright Lighthouse

It’s small in stature but has a ton of heart. It was built in the 1800s to help ships from crashing but more recently, a famous Quebec host purchased this little lighthouse from the government.

The beauty of winter is that you end up with these mesmerizing scenes of the sun reflecting its glow off of the frozen ice while shimmering in the distance where it has thawed.

Château Madelinot

Borgot Lighthouse

This lighthouse is up on a hill near the edge of the cliff. You’ll notice that the shape is quite unique and distinct with a round base and topped with a red cap on top.

Grande Entrée Wharf

Grande Entrée island is the lobster capital of Québec and as a result, Grande Entrée Wharf is the largest fishing port on the islands.

Old Harry Beach

Old Harry beach has an impressive 14 miles of uninterrupted sand dune but in the winter it’s just a sweeping tundra of snow. You’ll find locals walking their dog there.

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