Finding The Perfect Cottage In Ontario This Summer 

When it’s summer time in Ontario, the best way to get away from the city is in the comfort of a holiday home with a lake view, grilling on the barbecue, and eating s’mores by the fireside.

How do you find that perfect cottage in Ontario this summer? Here are a few tips that you can follow to make it easy!

Where to look for cottages

It has now become incredibly easy to find cottages. Whether it’s on classified ads like Kijiji/Craigslist or cottage specific websites, there are listings all over the place.

For Ontario, I’d recommend Cottages in Canada, which has the most exhaustive inventory of any. In the US, FlipKey has always been good for me.

Size  Can the cottage fit the people you’re going to have? A cheap hack to consider is if anyone is willing to sleep bag it and if so, it may be possible to look for a cottage that has less beds.

What to look for in a cottage

Amenities Just like a hotel, you’ll want to know what’s available in the house, and that’ll help you narrow down what cottages you’re looking for.

When to look for a cottage

If you’re looking for a long weekend, you’ll have to book especially early.

Rule of thumb – book early. It’s as simple as that. Once you know the date and location where you want to be, lock it in ASAP.

Next steps

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