Folegandros 3 Day Itinerary – Beaches, Restaurants, And Hotels

Folegandros is the epitome of what travelling through the Greek Islands before the turn of the century was like when cruise ships didn’t dominate the seas and fleets tourf busses didn’t take over the land.

Follow this Folegandros 3 day itinerary to learn about how to plan your vacation to see the best of its beaches, restaurants, hikes, and hotels.

Day 1 – Folegandros – Slowing It Down

With just 700 or so inhabitants on the island, escape the throngs of tourists and get a feel for what Greek island life truly should be.

Walk over to Folegandros Rentals and pick up your ATV who are the closest rental shop with quads. Otherwise, there’s also Evo Rent a Car you can consider but they only do cars.

Day 2 – Folegandros – ATV Beach Hopping

When you hit the road, make your way to the trailhead for Vorina Beach. This isn’t one of those beaches that everyone goes to but it’s well worth the effort.

Day 3 – Folegandros – Katergo Beach

From the trailhead, make your way up to the top of the ridge, across it to near the tip and then drop down the switch backs onto the beach.

The view as you make your way down is truly inspiring with the sliver of rock that splits the beach’s water in two.

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