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For Travel Lovers That They’ll Actually Want in 2021

This is not going to be your generic “holiday gift guide” list but things that are legit useful and gifts I would actually want.

 A rugged leather keychain holds a ring of stainless-steel tokens that can have anything from countries, cities, states, landmarks, oceans, seas, national parks, or something custom (think special events and dates).

Essential Travel Gifts Under $100

Gift Ideas for Travellers Under $25

This is a useful multitasking survival tool to have and much smaller than its bigger brothers. For flying, you'll just need to remember to put this in the check-in luggage.

Cheap Gifts for Travel Lovers Under $15

I know this thing looks like is overkill but there's a lot to like about this power adapter. Not only does it work around the world but it does so both ways on the male and female side of things. In addition, what I love the most is that it gives you 4 USB outlets.

Unique travel gifts for men

Toiletry bags or dopp kits are a personal thing as you can imagine but as someone that has tested many over the years, I know a thing or two about them.

Travel gifts women will love

This is one of the newer additions to Peak Design's Everyday line of backpacks. This is a clean look bag that also serves as a tote bag. Coming in black or bone color, this is the perfect on-the-go everyday and photo carry with side access, plenty of padding, and integrated straps.

Luxury travel gifts if you're looking to go all out

This is another travel bag that I've fallen in love with but is a pretty incognito piece of luggage that was released by Victorinox not too long ago. The VX Touring is a 2-in-1 where you it has backpack straps so you can carry it on your back but it can also act as a carry-on suitcase.

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