Hike to These 11 Stunning Waterfalls in Oahu

It’s impressive that an island as small as Oahu manages to cram in so much natural beauty, it is blessed with a variety of hidden waterfalls, tucked into the verdant landscape that you can hike to. 

Knowing which of the best waterfall hikes on Oahu to experience as much of it as possible on your visit, this will save you some time in planning your adventures.

Waimea Falls

This is a great hike for the family and very safe with a lifeguard on duty at the swimming area near the falls.

Manoa Falls

One of the more popular Oahu hikes that include a waterfall, Manoa Falls  is easy to access from Waikiki, and the hike is doable for a range of skill levels.

Lulumahu Falls

This isn’t the easiest of hikes but if you’re adventurous and able to stick it out, you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful 50-foot waterfall.

Jackass Ginger Pond

You can spend some time at the tranquil swimming hole or take a turn on the rope swing. The waterfall itself is not exactly high.

Likeke Falls lies at the end of a 0.8-mile trail. Also known as Old Pali Highway Falls, the two-tiered waterfall is one of the easiest waterfalls to access, and one of the best waterfall to hikes.

Likeke Falls

Maunawili Falls

The waterfall itself isn’t the biggest or the most spectacular, but the setting is lush and tropical. There’s also a spot for cliff jumping into the pool.

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