Hotel Corporate Codes

Who Has Them And How Do They Work?

Looking for a deal on hotels? Discounts on stays may seem pretty elusive and for the most part you'd be right as hotel chains and online travel agencies don't dish out coupon codes.

Many companies have a large workforce that travel frequently – think sales people, executives, and also consultants and contractors they might hire. To make things more economical, many of these organizations will negotiate special rates for their staff and a hotel corporate code is born.

Who Are Hotel Corporate Codes For

How Good Are The Hotel Corporate Rates?

You'd assume that using hotel corporate codes should result in bigger savings than what the public can get. And yes, this is the case in most cases however the reality is that since the actual discounted rates and conditions aren't released publicly, it's really hard to know the exact formula used to calculate the rates.

How To Find The Codes?

Most companies that have corporate codes will have them listed somewhere whether it be some sort of internal document, wiki, SharePoint, or pinned on a Slack channel somewhere. If anything, you can always ask HR to find out if hotel corporate codes exist.

How Do You Use Hotel Corporate Codes?

Once you have the code, it's really just a matter of going to the hotel chain's website, and finding their respective field where you can enter a corporate code/account.

Is It Safe To Use Hotel Corporate Codes?

The big fat warning I'll put here is that there is some risk in using hotel corporate codes if you don't work for that particular company.

Hotel Corporate Code Listing

Instead of listing every single code, what we have below are the top 10 codes for the hotel brands we've covered.

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