Hands down, the most iconic property within Torres del Paine National Park is easily Hotel Las Torres.

It's a hotel that is engrained with the fabric of Patagonia and an important part of its history, present, and future.

What Makes Hotel Las Torres Special

With such a large part of the park belonging to reserve, they are actively involved in the conservation, sustainable tourism, and regenerative travel.

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Booking Process

They use modern and comfortable 5 row Mercedes-Benz vans for their transfers which are quite spacious inside and some are even equipped with two USB outlets per row.


Check-In Process

As an all-inclusive guest, you'll be given a bracelet to indicate you have full privileges at the property.

Hotel Las Torres Layout

When it comes to the exterior, there are cobble stoned walkways on the front side of the hotel that allow you to walk from section to section of the property.

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