How Many Days in Santorini Do You Need?

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When planning your Santorini vacation, a common question that'll pop up is “how many days in Santorini do I need?” With everything you've seen and read about the island, you've probably realized that it's not that clear cut.

If you have the flexibility and budget, this is what we recommend that you aim for.

Best case scenario

Low season (November to April)

In the months of November to March, things are going to be much quieter, many places closed for the season, the weather much cooler and unpredictable, and the beaches too cold for swimming. Recommended number of days: 4 days

Shoulder season (May to June, September to October)

If you've read about when is the best time to visit Santorini, you'll know that this is the sweet spot. Crowds haven't quite built up yet, the weather is comfortable, and everything is opened up again. Recommended number of days and nights: 6 days

High season (July to August)

Ironically, while you'd think that the hottest temperatures and best swimming would mean extending your stay the most, it's a bit of the contrary because of how busy the island gets. Recommended number of days and nights: 5 days

If you're tight on time

What you want to know though is what's the minimum number of days you need to see a majority of the sights and at the end of the day, still have an awesome time. Recommended number of days: 3 days


When you take the iconic experiences with the diverse areas to discover, and all the things you can do, you quickly realize that 1 to 2 days isn't enough.

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