How To Get From Athens to Santorini

Getting to the island of Santorini is not as simple especially if it's your first time to Greece. There are a couple of ways to do it and each one has their own nuances and “need to knows”.

This is probably what you've heard and seen if you've ever had friends go island hopping in Greece or read any stories. Travel by ferry is the most basic and traditional way to get to the Greek Islands and especially around the Western Cyclades.

Athens to Santorini by Ferry

Where are the ports in Athens?

Piraeus port – This is a large industrialized port and primary hub for ferries in Athens.  Rafina port – This is much closer to the Athens airport but has fewer options being a much smaller local port.

This is going to be different for each traveller but these are the top factors to consider: - Most popular - Price  - Speed  - Stability  - Potential for cancel - Ferry style - Port 

How to choose which ferry to take?

Athens to Santorini by Air

Flying may seem obvious but it doesn't necessarily register if it's your first time to Greece. But yes, you can actually fly to Santorini!

For an international hub, this is not a very large airport. There is only 1 terminal. You do not need to worry about complicated transfers if you're landing in Athens from an international destination. Recommended to build in at least a 2 hour buffer between your flight landing in Athens and taking off to Santorini. 3 hours is ideal.

What you need to know about the airports

Cheapest airline to fly from Athens to Santorini

Again, this is hard to say as the fare fluctuate so much and different sales are run all the time. However, on the whole, there's a reason why low-cost carriers are classified as such. On balance, Ryanair and Volotea have the lowest listed prices for flights from Athens to Santorini with Ryanair as the cheapest. We've seen rates as cheap as 9.99 EUR.

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