[2022] Hyatt Corporate

Codes and Discounts

Looking for a way to save money at an upcoming stay at a Hyatt, Hyatt Place, Hyatt Regency, Grand Hyatt, Park Hyatt , or another niche property in the Hyatt family? This list is your ultimate list of Hyatt corporate codes and discounts.

One thing you will quickly notice is that there is no fixed discount amount for each code. They vary wildly between Hyatt brands and destinations. What we've done is do our best to calculate averages to give you a sense of how good one code is compared to another to give you a starting point.

List of Hyatt corporate codes

The methodology

Like the IHG corporate codes, Hyatt's corporate discounts all over the place. While good, they're also not as deep as you'd hope they should be. I suspect a large part is because of the negotiated rates and how the industry has changed over these past few years.

The codes

Hyatt corporate codes are don't seem to have a fixed number of digits. Some are 4, others are 5, and some even have leading letters.

Hyatt Chainwide discount

When you do your search using a code like 72539, you'll see that it comes up as “Hyatt Chainwide”. Under the rules, valid corporate ID is still required.

Public Hyatt discount codes

AAA and CAA Auto Club Off the bat, there's AAA in the US and CAA in Canada. This is pretty common in the travel industry and always a great place to start as many of you already have membership to this club.

World of Hyatt

Just by being a World of Hyatt member entitles you to their member rates. The discount isn't always significant or better than their special offers but since it's free to be a member, this is always an option.

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