Icelandic Souvenirs

You Can’t Forget To Buy

Iceland is such a visually stunning place that will surely create some epic memories during your time there but aside from memories and photographs, what should you think about buying? Here are the must-buy Icelandic souvenirs that best represent the country, is easy to pack, and is actually practical and useful.

When you're walking around the streets of Reykjavik or anywhere in the island for that matter, you'll quickly learn that locals have a keen sense of fashion. Everything they wear is sharp, warm, and practical. Part of that dress are Icelandic wool sweaters which are called lopapeysa.

#1 Icelandic Wool Sweaters

#2 Chocolate-Covered Liquorice

I know, not everyone likes it but as it turns out, Iceland has a bizarre obsession with liquorice. When you start poking around different grocery stores, gas stops, and general stores, you'll realize that more than half of the selection has some sort of liquorice.

#3 Map of Iceland

Thinking about your home decor at home, a map of Iceland makes an awesome souvenir for yourself. Not only will the geography be that much more meaningful to you, it would make for a really great statement piece.

#4 Omnom Chocolate

If you love chocolate, you're going to love the artisanal chocolatiers, Omnom. Located in Reykjavik, you'll find unique creations that range from Black N' Burnt Barley, S'mores Kit, Omnom Krunch, Sea Salted Toffee, and of course Lakkrís.

#5 Reyka Vodka

Since we're on the topic of liquor, Reyka Vodka is relatively new, launching in 200, but has quickly become one of the most popular made in Iceland products to gift to family and friends back home.

#6 Fish Oil

Turns out that Icelanders claim to incredible levels of health and happiness is in a diet that's rich in fish and fish products such as fish liver oil. What's in it is Omega-3 fatty acid and not only does it have huge health benefits, it also helps with the incredibly shortened days of winter which may lead to seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

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