Indonesia Beyond Bali

Everyone knows about Bali and it’s no secret that I actually LOVED my time on the island.

That being said, it is often easy to overlook all the other amazing places in the country that definitely don’t get enough attention. 

Bali is awesome but over the years has gotten over-crowded and over-hyped. We’ve seen the same photos over and over and it’s become very touristy.


Tucked on the west coast is Labuanbajo and is the perfect springboard for Komodo National Park where you can see these rare prehistoric beasts and also charter local boats to cruise.


Image via Flickr by rini w pics

What made this city so special was how much it was the soul of Indonesia. I say that because it’s where you’ll find a high concentration of art, culture, and religion.


North of Yogyakarta is the bustling city of Semarang. It may not be known for its tourism, but amidst its booming modern development, you’ll find pockets of Dutch colonial architecture, Chinatown, and traditional villages that are very interesting to explore.


Image via Flickr by mammita

Indonesia is a country of islands, and Sumatra presents an interesting option because it’s a place that’s filled with adventure, wildlife, and an unspoilt, fierce landscape that is begging to be explored.


It’s safe to say that you’ll end up falling in love with this part of Indonesia is you’re a fan of nature and adventure.

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