Nestled north east of Toronto and just a stone's throw away from the capital of Canada, the Ottawa Valley is filled with unexpected surprises and gems that will just blow you away.

Seekers of thrill, adventure, and excitement will feel just at home in this region that's named Ontario's Highlands.

Day 1 – The Road Up From Toronto

At their Lakeside location where the brewing action happens, we signed up for a brewery tour.

Local Brews

We were only 20 minutes away from our final destination for the day, OWL Rafting on the Ottawa River which is where we stayed the night.

Settling into OWL

Day 2 – Whitewater, Surf, and Splash

We hopped into our rafts and soon all 10 groups were in the water and making our way down-river as if on some sort of crazy expedition.

Adventure Rafting

Ending in Calabogie

We capped off our night by driving over the town of Calabogie to stay at the Calabogie Peaks Resort and had dinner at the nearby Valley Food & Drink Co.

Day 3 –  Need For Speed

Pedal to the Metal

After opening in 2006, they became Canada's longest track and is now a major attraction for car companies, enthusiasts, and of course thrill-seekers like me.

Next steps

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