Is Egypt Safe for Travel?  (How is it in 2021 with Safety Guide and Tips)

What is the current COVID-19 situation?

They're fighting the increase in cases just like the rest of the world and have roughly 500 new cases a day but the good news is that this is  starting to flatten out.

Entry requirements for US citizens

Proof of negative COVID-19 test taken no more than 3 days before your flight.

Print and fill out the attestation form by the CDC.

Why do people think Egypt is unsafe?

There's no hiding it.  There's clearly been uncertainty and instability in the government and Islamic terrorists have targeted tourists.

So how safe is Egypt?

The honest truth is that Egypt isn't 100% safe but it's still a country that can be safely traveled through.

What I actually experienced

 I didn't notice anything on the trip that made me feel  unsafe. This isn't even an exaggeration.

Why is right now one of the best times to go to Egypt?

With so much scrutiny on safety and Egypt wanting to turn that image around, security is at an all-time high

How to make sure you don't get scammed or annoyed

-Have a local guide -Reject all offers -Pre-book camels -Just say no

Next steps

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