Is the Huayna Picchu Hike Worth It?

You've just completed a gruelling 3 day Inca Trail hike, it's early morning, you've just finished taking a bunch of selfies at the Machu Picchu look out and now you have to do another stair-climb hike? 

It's certainly lesser known than it's giant brother, the Inca Trail, but Huayna Picchu is something that you should definitely consider for a number of reasons I'll get into a little later on.


About the mountain

Huayna Picchu translates to Young Mountain in Quechua. It's 2,667m/8,750ft above sea level and part of the chain of Andean mountains in Peru.

It's that spine of the mountain that takes you to the top – one that looks a little scary when you make you descent from the Sun Gate but really isn't that bad.

Where is Huayna Picchu?


The entrance and warden's hut to Huayna Picchu is on the backside of the complex and seems like a rather makeshift guard house with blocked entryway to the trail.

Like the Inca Trail, things start off flat and easy as you cut through to near the base of the mountain. This is where the road splits.

The stair climb up

The peak

At any point, you can use one of the terraces of viewpoints as a break and photo stop. If you keep going along the trail, you'll reach a small store house and additional agricultural terraces.

Next steps

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