With your dream vacation booked to French Polynesia in the South Pacific, you'll feel like your trip can't come fast enough but before you know it, your flight is days away and you need to figure out what to pack to Tahiti.

In order to help you in this moment of panic (trust me, I had the same panic attack), this islands of Tahiti packing list will break down all the things you need to think about when it comes to what to put into your backpack and/or suitcase.

Now really any kind of bag will do but we found that having an open beach bag like this was super handy at Le Meridien and even when we were out on our own in say Rangiroa when we wanted to go to the nearby beach.

Bags and Organizers

Every wonder how people get those half underwater and half above-water shots?  Well the secret are these domes and for this trip since I knew I had a bit more time to play with this.

Underwater Camera Gear

Photography and Videography

While I brought a few more things than what you see here, I've sorted through what I think are must-haves and maybe one nice-to-have in here.

Most of what I have here isn't a surprise but wanted to bring a few things to your attention that really helped me to never miss a beat when it came to batteries.

Staying Fully Charged

These are a few of the more miscellaneous things but I wanted to call these out specifically because they were all important to have on the trip for the itinerary we put together.

Easy to Forget

Next steps

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