4 Day Itinerary in Bremen and Bremerhaven

In the Northwestern part of Germany lies a hidden gem. it’s a city called Bremen and if you follow the Weser River north, you’ll reach its sister city, Bremerhaven. 

In this itinerary,  follow a precise break down of how you should plan each day, what to see, where to eat, where to stay, and insider tips that you won’t find anywhere else.

Day 1 – Bremen and Beck’s

Round out your afternoon in Bremen by making the scenic walk along the Weser River towards the Beck’s Brewery. The Beck’s Brewery Tour is easily one of the highlights for anyone that loves beer.

Day 2 – Discover Bremen

The standard greeting for locals of Bremen is “Moin!” but don’t say it twice because that’s distinctly something someone from Hamburg would say and let’s just say they have a friendly rivalry.

Day 3 – Story of Emigration in Bremerhaven

There’s a super convenient local train that connects Bremen to Bremerhaven and it only takes 45 minutes.  They run practically every hour so you won’t have any problems catching a ride into Bremerhaven before noon.

Day 4 – Climate Museum in Bremerhaven

Unique in concept, Klimahaus is more than just about climate and it’s more than just a museum.  Themed around the idea of travelling along the 8th longitude east, you get to travel from country to country.

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