Jordan Tours – What Are Petra Tours From Amman Like?

Hidden from the sands of time but not forgotten, the Ancient City of Petra is tucked away in the  red-sandstone mountains of southern Jordan.

Hike deep into this wind-blown landscape to reveal the famous tomb and monastery that feels like something out of Indiana Jones, Tomb Raider, or perhaps even a long lost Jedi temple. 


Amman is a dynamic contrast of the old and the new, with markets, traditional coffee shops, and artisans mingling with modern architecture, smart restaurants, hotels, and hip galleries.

The downtown area features a beautiful view of the magisterial Citadel and its magnificent Roman ruins, museum, mosques, coffee shops, and souqs. 

Day 1: Desert Adventure in Wadi Rum

The quintessential dessert: it’s sandy; it’s hot during the day; it drops in temperature after dark; it’s moody; it’s got carved gorges; and it’s home to the Beduoin. 

What makes it a must-do is that it’s one of the easiest ways to get a glimpse into life in a desert while doing it in a safe way.

Day 2:  Step Into The Ancient City of Petra

Petra is truly a special place and has stories in carved into the rock walls that echo through the snaking labyrinth as you make your way into the hidden city.


The short answer is yes. Like my time in Egypt, the media blows things out of proportion when it comes to the Middle East.

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