Kamakura Day Trip From Tokyo Itinerary

When planning your trip to Tokyo and looking for iconic experiences that's easy to do and is easy to do in less than 10 hours, you have to consider a Kamakura day trip and I'm going to tell you why.

The city's political power waned by the 14th century but because of its historical significance, Kamakura has become a popular destination for local and international visitors because of its impressive shrines, temples, and historical monuments.

A little about Kamakura

Kamakura Day Trip Itinerary

Let's dive right into what a day trip itinerary to Kamakura looks like. This comes directly from personal knowledge and experience so you know it's legit.

Tokyo is connected with Kamakura via the JR Yokosuka Line, JR Shonan Shinjuku Line (may require change in Ofuna), JR Tokaido Line (this one requires a change in Ofuna), and Odakyu Railways. 

Mid Morning – Make your way to Kamakura

Mid Morning – Explore Komachi Dori

On this street you'll find everything from restaurants, confectionary shops, bakeries, snack shops, convenient stores, unique souvenir boutiques, clothing stores and more.

The shrine dedicated to the god Hachiman was founded in 1063 by Minamoto Yoriyoshi, the first shogun of the Kamakura government and his descendant Yoritomo, moved to its current site in 1180 so there's an incredible amount of history here.

Late Morning – Arriving at Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine

Early Afternoon – Snack a little more

Instead of walking back on Komachi Street, you'll take the main street that the shrine faces all the way down and back to Kamakura Station. This street is named Wakamiya oji.

Next steps

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