Kammok Firebelly 30 Down Trail Quilt Review

Are you looking at buying a down trail quilt that is ultralight, water repellent, super comfortable, and can replace your sleeping bag? Look no further than this review of the Kammok Firebelly 30.

Not settling for the status quo, they introduced a refreshed family of down trail quilts including the Kammok Firebelly 30


Why do you need a down trail quilt

Built for the outdoors  With water repellent down and DWR coating on its shell, this is weatherproof and suitable for all adventures.

For side sleepers, you'll find that quilts will suit you better than the standard mummy sleeping bags. Trail quilts simply have more flexibility and fabric to form it into a shape that best suits you.

Quilt   vs  Sleeping Bag

How does it work with a sleeping pad?

The elastics have two loops built in and this is where the trail quilt snaps into which makes sure it stays secure to the sleeping pad so you never have that common issue of slipping off in the middle of the night.

Stuff sack: Diamond Shell 40D diamond weave ripstop nylon with PU and DWR waterproofing.

Technical Specs

Fit and Comfort

The outer shell of the Firebelly is made of Atmos X 20D. This not only gives the fabric strength, heat reflective qualities, and but it's also incredibly soft and silky cool to touch.

Next steps

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