Kauai’s Best Beaches on the Island 

When it comes to planning a day at the beach, Kauai offers a wide variety of beach experiences. What’s interesting about beaches is that they’re used for a variety of activities.

This unspoiled, sandy coastline offers a variety of Kauai’s best beaches to suit every type of traveler. 

Hanalei Beach

The landscape here is exceptional. With a backdrop of towering mountains, Hanalei Bay is set between two rivers and offers a fine sandy beach.

Kauapea Beach

Once you make it down to Kauapea Beach, you’ll find a long golden, sandy shore with the occasional rocky outcrop. It’s a serene and remote setting to enjoy a day on the beach.

Tunnels Beach

Tunnels Beach should be high on your list. The conditions here are great for intermediate and advanced surfers, as well as kite and windsurfers.

Haena Beach

Haena Beach is a feast for the eyes. From the sparkling waters, dazzling white sands, and the iconic Mount Makana in the background. This is one of the best beaches for swimming and snorkeling.

This is arguably one of Kauai’s best beaches for families. The waters here are protected by offshore rocks and reefs, making swimming here great for small children.

Poipu Beach

Brennecke’s Beach

The best Kauai beach for bodyboarders and body surfers. While the scenery here is much the same as its neighbor, the waves are bigger and better.

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