One of our favourite memories from our trip to the Magdalen Islands in the winter was the photography. The islands practically capture themselves.

This guide covers some of the best winter photography locations in the Magdalen Islands to help you plan your trip whether you love finding the most scenic spots.

1. Dune du Sud

Right at the famed Dune du Sud beach in the Magdalen Islands is a magical view of colourful cottages and red cliffs on the flip side.

There's a true maritime vibe to the Magdalen Islands and the anchors of that are definitely the lighthouses that are scattered all around.

2. Cap Alright Lighthouse

Château Madelinot also faces east like the preceding spots on the list which makes it great for the early risers.

3. Château Madelinot

4. Borgot Lighthouse

You'll notice that the shape is quite unique and distinct with a round base and topped with a red cap on top.

5. Grande Entrée Wharf

Grande Entrée island is the lobster capital of Québec and as a result, Grande Entrée Wharf is the largest fishing port on the islands.

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