Marriott Corporate Codes – The Best Ones and How to Use Them

This guide is perfect for those that are looking for a deep discount on hotel bookings and are paying with cash (or credit) as opposed to those that are looking to book on points.

Can anyone use these codes?

The answer is No.

One hack that you can use is to say that you're using the code because you're a consultant for the company and they passed it along to you since you'll be billing them back.

According to the rules, you need to provide either a business card, work  badge, work-email printout that you're affiliated with the company and  the associated code you're using.

What do I need to prove affiliation with the company?

The methodology

To try to get a good sense of how these corporate codes work and understanding that the codes vary property to property and region to  region.

List of codes

Marriott corporate codes are 3 digits, mostly characters but some have numbers in them as well.

These are sorted alphabetically by the company.

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 Here  are my top 5 codes: – EDS – HPE Global – GEE – General Electric – DTC – Deloitte – JOH – Johnson & Johnson – APC – Apple Computers

Which corporate discount code is the best?

Special promotions

Every quarter or so Marriott rolls out new promotions. Some are good, some are quite ambiguous, and others are not worth your time.