When you're short on vacation days and seeking a unique, fun, and adventurous escape from the big city, we often turn to the Ontario's Southwest region for inspiration.

This part of Ontario has some of the best places to road trip to because there are so many incredible counties that are off the radar and surprisingly bountiful in experiences. 

For your first day of the 2 day weekend getaway from Ontario, you'll be driving to Middlesex County. If you're like us and coming Toronto, it's a lot closer than you think!

Day 1 – Middlesex County

They are best known for their blueberries, which you might've guessed from their mascot and this goes from July to August.

Stop 1 – Kustermans Adventure Farm

Stop 2 – Union Pub Company

A short drive away is the Union Pub Company, a lively local spot with a spacious patio, friendly staff, tons on tap, and an expansive menu.

With the alpacas' personality on full display, you'll be doing a leisurely stroll through the farm and also learn more about these gentle, curious and funny animals.

Stop 3 – Sylvan Alpacas

Cool Cucumber is one of those old-school neighbourhood roadside drive-thru's with walk-up windows and two picnic benches under an awning for shade.

Stop 4 – Cool Cucumber

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