Milos 3 Day Itinerary 

Milos is an island that has a bit more pace to it compared to Folegandros and coming from there, we were recharged and ready to explore.

What you’ll find with this island is that there are so many unique pockets of areas to discover that are all so diverse and not at all what you’d expect in Greece.

Day 1 – Milos – Catacombs & Castles

From your previous island, you’ll catch a ferry. If like us where you’re coming from Folegandros, the ride will only take an hour. 

Before you know it, you’ll be disembarking on Milos, an island blessed with astonishingly diverse beaches, otherworldly geology, wealth of good food, historical castles, and colourful fishing villages.

Day 2 – Milos – Surface of the Moon

When I think about Milos, I think about how the landscape of the island is a rocky garden oasis. As you move from corner to corner of Milos, you never see the same thing twice.

Tsigrado Beach is a small sandy cove surrounded by rocky cliffs that really makes you work for it.

Day 3 – Milos – Tsigrado Beach

When you get to the entrance, you’ll see rope tied to a metal pole, a wooden ladder, and a long and narrow red rock canyon that heads downwards. 

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