Montreal Weekend Trip: An Itinerary With Restaurants To Try 

Home to the world-famous Cirque du Soleil, Montreal is North America’s top host city for international events, going as far as to host the Olympics in 1976, the first ever held in Canada.

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Whether exploring the Notre Dame Basilica of Montreal and its stunning architecture or strolling through the vibrant Montreal Botanical Garden, there are plenty of fun attractions to head out on a Montreal weekend trip!

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Day 1 - Breakfast At Eggspectation

At Eggspectation, there are plenty of options, including Belgian waffles, French crepes, omelets, flatbreads, and of course, the restaurant’s famous Eggs Benedict.

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Full of religious, historical, and artistic importance, this treasure of Quebec is one of the most visited sites in Montreal and one of the things to do in Montreal.

Tour The Notre Dame Basilica of Montreal

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Montreal Underground City

Commonly called le RÉSO, the Underground City was built during the 1960s and, through a network of tunnels, corridors, and plazas, connects restaurants and retailers for a unique shopping experience.

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Dinner At Monarque

Setting a new standard for elegance, this restaurant, set in a three-room Montreal building that dates back to 1845, is considered restaurant royalty inspired by New York City’s Gramercy Tavern.

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Day 2 - Breakfast At Canard Café

A warm and inviting place that makes it easy to savor comfort, good food, and great coffee.

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