This gorgeous island chain offers a wide variety of experiences and attractions, and it helps to have the inside scoop and a handy guide that can help you make the most of your trip.

We know how much research and work is involved when visiting Hawaii for the first time. By using our handy guide, you’ll save yourself plenty of time and stress.

Most travelers visiting Hawaii for the first time choose to fly to Honolulu on Oahu and then move around from there.

Flight schedules

If you’re looking for the sweet spot when crowds and costs are low, but the weather is pleasant, then the best time to visit Hawaii is during May and September.

Best time to visit Hawaii

Which Hawaiian Island has the best beaches

Oahu is known for its popular beaches on the North Shore, Waikiki, Lanikai Beach, and Hanauma Bay.

Oahu offers the best value among all the Hawaiian Islands for tourists.

Which is the cheapest island in Hawaii to visit

Renting a car in Hawaii is relatively inexpensive, with 4x4s costing slightly more. Be prepared for slightly higher gas prices in Hawaii than on the mainland.

Renting a car in Hawaii

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