As Hawaii's youngest and largest island, the awesome power of nature is unparalleled and truly awe-inspiring.


Some of the world's finest waterfalls can all be found on the Big Island of Hawaii. Tropical gardens dominate the northeast coasts of Hilo and Hamakua due to the abundance of rainfall they receive.

With your car rental, you'll be able to see many of the signature Hawaii Big Island waterfalls. These are cascades you can get to on your own without the need to book a tour or helicopter but there may still be entrance and parking fees.

Big Island Waterfalls You Can Visit Yourself

The ‘Akaka Falls State Park has two waterfalls, the ‘Akaka Falls and the Kahuna Falls (not to be confused with hakuna matata). The trailhead is by the parking lot which is easy to find.

Akaka Falls and Kahuna Falls

The 80-foot Rainbows Falls is located in the Wailuku River State Park. As the name of this waterfall suggest, it is best known for its rainbow formed from its morning mists.

Rainbow Falls

Pe'epe'e Falls

Another area of the Wailuku River State Park is the Boiling Pots Section with a view of Pe'epe'e Falls. This is worth a visit as both the Rainbow Falls and Pe'epe'e Falls are close in proximity.

The Waipi'o Valley opens right out into the Pacific Ocean and what leads it off to the left is the Hi'ilawe Falls, where water drops a thundering 1,450 feet, making it the tallest waterfall in the entire state of Hawaii.

Hiilawe Falls

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