Best Way To Do The Nile Cruise And Stay Experience

When it comes to a Nile cruise and stay package, there are a number of things you should be looking for. There are many factors at play that will depend on you as the traveller.

Let me help you make this decision a little easier by showing you in my opinion is the best way to build your very own Nile cruise and stay package.


Naturally, you'd think it's all of the Ancient Egyptian marvels on land that will be the highlight of the trip, but it's actually not. I can confidently say that the cruise along the Nile will be your favourite.

Dahabiyas are traditional  twin-masted sail boats that are based on the original designs used in the 19th century.

I recommend the tranquility of sailing to the rhythms of the river

Here is why I'm such a huge fan of the dahabiya:

Authentic experience – Egyptian crew with Egyptian food, superb Egyptologist. Small group experience with a maximum group size of 12.


For the land portion of the Nile cruise and stay, Next are the top spots that you'll want to consider.

Luxor - Things I recommend that you see:

Karnak Temple Luxor Temple Valley of the Kings Valley of the Nobles Temple of Hatshepsut Medinet Habu Temple

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