There's been a ton of gushing over the beauty of the Golden State through the thorough breakdown 9 day Northern California road trip itinerary. It managed to WOW me at every turn even for someone that's spent some time in NorCal before.

I will admit that we normally don't travel by tour for most of our trips but on occasion, we'll work with a tour bus company if we believe in the product and the company that stands behind it.

Who is Globus?

Globus is a company that started over 90 years ago by a gentleman named Antonio Mantegazza in Lake Lugano, Switzerland.

The idea is simple. We all want to have a bit of freedom when we're on a trip even with a guided tour. We also all have different interests.

What is Choice Touring?

Itinerary map

For this Northern California By Design review, we thought it'd be helpful for you to see the entire itinerary in map form.

Highlights of the trip

1. Giant Sequoias 2. Brees Lookout 3. Tufa Towers 4. Yosemite Valley 5. Train History


After you book your trip and close to your departure date, they are stellar with their communication.whisp

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