Outdoor Wellness Retreats in Ontario – experiences to help you detox and relax

Whether you're feeling trapped at home, needing to pause from the daily grind, or need a vacation from a vacation, there are many wellness retreats in Ontario to choose from that are easy to get to from Toronto.

Wellness retreats come in all different forms and sizes. These are five to get you started. All of these are an easy getaway from Toronto.


Full Moon SUP Yoga

Full Moon SUP Yoga is for beginners and pros alike. Aside from the wellness benefits, you'll also be getting a nice core work out and other muscles you never knew you had.

I don't know if you knew but goats have a remarkable ability to read and respond to facial expressions and personal feelings. A recent study also says that goats prefer to happy people.

The Dwarf Goat Experience

Boardshorts & Boots

It's the idea that through joy, your mind-body-spirit connection is what allows for change, healing, and lasting happiness.

For those that are looking for an immersive outdoor wellness retreat in Ontario that spans multiple days, this one is the one to consider.

Quest for Balance

Nature's Harmony

Beyond just the accommodations there, they are a full-fledged resort that will allow you to do your own digital detox and reconnection with nature.

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