14 Best Parks

 in Vaughan Ontario With Walking and Hiking Trails

Vaughan is a booming suburb north of Toronto and while most visitors and local residents will think about Vaughan Mills and Canada's Wonderland but what a lot of people don't know is that there's an incredible wealth of green spaces, nature walks, and hiking trails nestled in the neighbourhood.

At first this might seem like an inconspicuous neighbourhood park but this is one of those hidden gems that is a gateway to so much more.

Bindertwine Park

Kortright Centre

Kortright Centre has Canada's largest educational demonstrations of renewable energy and technologies. This can be seen firsthand by participating in their renewable energy workshop.

Sonoma Heights District Park

At the south west corner of Islington Avenue and Major Mackenzie Drive West is community park that has all the sports fixings including baseball diamond, bocce field, basketball court, skateboard park, soccer field, tennis courts, and a water park. This makes it awesome for kids.

Mapes Park and Rainbow Creek Park

Flanked by open green spaces, benches, and tall trees, you'll love the meandering paved walkway and the flowing creek. The walk is easy with minimal inclines and great at all times in the day as it is well-lit as well.

Nort Johnson Park

This is a gorgeous loop trail that runs alongside the Humber River that's called the Riverwalk.

Giovanni Caboto Park

This is just the beginning though as there's a trail known as Jersey Creek. Linking Jersey Creek Park with Chancellor District Park, and Giovanni Caboto Park, you'll be able to stroll through a large part of the local neighbourhood and enjoy a comfortable linear walk.

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