When you think about epic adventure destinations around the world, Patagonia and more specifically, Torres del Paine National Park in Chile checks all the boxes.

It has vivid turquoise lakes, sublime glaciers, towering mountains, jaw-dropping hiking, doe-eyed guanacos, cunning puma, and Indigenous paintings. It is wild upon wild here.

Day 1: Hike Estancia Lazo to Weber Bridge

On your first day, you'll be picked up by your tour operator and the private transfer will take you directly to Estancia Lazo.

The horses and your baqueano guide will meet you right by the lodge and you'll suit up helmets and half chaps and get assisted onto your horse. 

Day 2: Horseback Riding to Tyndall Glacier

From Riverside Camp, you'll take a 30 minute scenic drive north into Torres del Paine and eventually make it to Pudeto Pier.

Day 3: Hike French Valley

Day 4: Kayak Amongst Icebergs in Grey Lake

Instead of hiking out to a viewpoint of the Grey Glacier, you'll be paddling with the icebergs that break away from that same glacier.

At 900 meters above sea level, explore the various angles of view, take tons of photos, and have your boxed lunch.

Day 5: Hike the Base of the Towers

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