Planning A Honeymoon to South Africa and Seychelles

In the end, we decided put together one of our most ambitious trips.

This is a little bit of an inside look into how the planning process worked for our honeymoon to South Africa and Seychelles.


The big question we asked ourselves was, if we could go anywhere in the world and we weren't restricted by a blogging gig, where would we go?  We then thought about where would we be unlikely to go in the foreseeable future.

Ok, I admit, this is going to seem a bit more complicated than you think but was totally worth it to end up with the trip that we ended up with, without the massive costs. 

The hotel

The flight

Without boring you with all the details, the key was figuring out which Star Alliance airlines ran routes through Africa, which ones intersected with places where we could do an amazing safari, but also had a way to get to Seychelles.

Kind of like what I've said before about trip planning being a pain in the ass, it was hard to find one single place with all the information I needed to plan a safari.

Why was it so hard?


By the time I booked the private reserve, Elephant Plains, there were barely any rooms left and I actually had to re-arrange the trip so that we did the reserve first before the self-drive through Kruger.

Next steps

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