Best Portable Hammock Stand – Kammok Swiftlet Review

The best of the bunch is the Kammok Swiftlet. It's currently the lightest and most portable on the market.

This gives you the ultimate freedom to set up your hammock anywhere you want.



The Kammok Swiftlet is a brand new product that elevates the portable hammock stand to new heights.

The Kammok Swiftlet comes in a long cardboard box and once you open it up, you have the travel bag with all of the different components you need organized inside.

What comes in the box

Carrying the Swiftlet

Coming in at 14.5 lbs in lounge mode and 12.6 lbs in chair mode, you can definitely lift the portable hammock stand with two hands and some may even be able to do it with one.

You'd think this would be complicated to set up but Kammok has specifically designed this to be a piece of cake to set up and dummy proof.

Setting up the Swiftlet

Lounge mode

Using the longest bar provided in your set, you'll be able to set up your hammock in outstretched position, lifting you above the ground and allowing you to comfortably lie on your hammock.

Next steps

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