Here's my Royal Caribbean's Quantum of the Seas review from a preview event I got to attend when the cruise ship first launched.

While I know it's been a number of years and some age might be showing through but this should give a good idea of what to expect and where it excels.

This glass enclosed pod takes passengers up 300 feet above the ship to give you unprecedented views that was never possible before.

North Star

The experience itself is only a minute but boy it felt way longer than that. Chin up, mouth open and looking out the glass, the sensation of flight put me in a state of delirium.

Ripcord by iFly

With the giant pink bear spotting me, I made it to the top to ring the bell with my not-so-elegant technique.

Rock Climbing

Trapeze at SeaPlex

Royal Caribbean's already done skating rinks so why not a crazy all-purpose gym that does just about everything else.

I never thought I'd see bumper cars on a cruise ship but Royal Caribbean's been able to make it work with SeaPlex.

Bumper Cars at SeaPlex

To receive your drink, all you have to do is tap your wrist band again and the drink comes sliding up towards you.

Bionic Bar

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