Is there an Airbnb for RVs?

How to find RVs For Rent by Owner

RV travel is on the rise as we seek out unique outdoor adventures beyond the traditional camping experience. For those that are just starting to look at renting RVs, you quickly learn that the marketplace is quite unique and very different from say, car rentals.

The allure is that each night in an RV can be less than your typical hotel stay, it gives you flexibility on where you can road trip to, and gives you that outdoor experience without sacrificing too much comfort.


The traditional way of renting RVs

We've covered how to find RV rentals in Ontario but if you look there, you'll see that all of the companies mentioned there are your traditional outlets of where you can get an RV.

Is there an Airbnb for RVs?

It feels like there's an “Airbnb of X” analogy for almost everything nowadays as the share economy industry has really taken off this past decade.


Outdoorsy is the perfect way to get around whether you're looking for a weekend getaway in the wilderness or planning an ambitious road trip that hits up multiple national parks.

Search for RV rental by owner

As with all online marketplaces, it all starts with a search of RVs in the destination you're interested in going. You could be starting at home to start your road trip or somewhere you're perhaps flying into.

Reviewing RV listing on Outdoorsy

When you're looking at RVs for rent by owners on Outdoorsy, you'll realize how much they've replicated the look and feel of Airbnb.

Next steps

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