Kauai is the epitome of Hawaiian paradise with its lush green mountains, pristine beaches, wild canyons, tropical valleys of palms, and welcoming towns.

Come here once though and you'll see just how incredible it is here with its hidden beaches, plenty of adventure, unbelievable scenery, and laid back personality.

North Shore East Side South Shore West Side

4 Main Regions and Neighborhoods of Kauai

Graced with the picturesque Napali coast, beaches, lush valleys, and the affluential Princeville, this is simply postcard-worthy.

1. North Shore

2. East Side

As the most populated part of the island, it's as “busy” as the island gets with a big part dedicated to commercial development, and essential big stores and restaurants.

3. South Shore

This part of the island gets the best weather and as a result, you'll find it the most popular with visitors. Anchored by Poipu, there are many resorts and beaches here.

This part of the island becomes dramatically much more raw in both the development sense but also the geology.

4. West Side

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