Santorini In 3 Days – Itinerary And Travel Guide 

As you approach, you start seeing hundreds of white dotted villas and buildings clinging on to the edge and that’s when you’re really at awe. 

In this Santorini in 3 Days itinerary and travel guide, I want to show you how to plan the perfect trip for those island hopping and have limited time to work with.

Day 1 – Santorini – Famous Fira

For your first day in Santorini, you’re going to want to start with the basics and what better way to get to know the island than to explore the capital, Fira.

The island of Santorini is actually much larger than you think. There are so many villages that are begging to be explored and beaches to be enjoyed. 

Day 2 – Santorini – Drive & Explore

Since you only have 3 days on this beautiful Greek Cycladic island, take advantage of your middle day with a rental car and venture outwards.

Day 3 – Santorini – Oia Sunset

You’re in for a treat on your final day in Santorini because one of the best secrets of the island is to see the see its beauty upclose through the trail the connects Fira and Oia.

As you wrap your way around the island, you’ll marvel at the amazing view of the cliffside towns and how they manage to cling on.

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