Super Nintendo World Hollywood Guide

Super Nintendo World inside Universal Studios Hollywood is toadally awesome. For such a small space, it packs an incredible punch and is sure to make your jaw drop when you emerge from the green warp pipe.

At the entrance, you walk through a tunnel that has spiral lights that make it feel like you’re being transported into a new world.

You emerge from Princess Peach’s castle and in front of you is a sensory overload with the intimidating Bowser’s castle, mushrooms sliding back and forth, enticing coins spinning, chomping Piranha Plant, and more.

Super Nintendo World Power-Up Band

The most important part about Super Nintendo World is the technological wizardry that allows you to truly interact with the land.

The Power-Up Band essentially uses RFID (radio-frequency identification), allowing you to tap in and out of games and interactive components. This is all intelligently tracked and helps you keep score, participate in team-wide competition, and collect digital stamps.

List of what the Power-Up Band unlocks:

When you punch the Question Blocks, Brick Blocks, and POW Blocks, you’ll hear the coin audio queue to let you know they’ve gone into your account.

Collect keys when completing Key Challenges. Tap to receive credit for seeing Peach, Mario, or Luigi. Tap hidden areas to reveal cool 8-bit art.

What do you miss without the Power-Up Band?

Ultimately, the big thing you will miss by not having a Power-Up Band is collecting the 3 keys to play the secret Bowser Jr.’s Shadow Showdown game.

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