9 Tasty Snacks In Japan That Make Great Souvenirs

Deliciousness overload is a real thing in Japan. Everywhere you look, literally everything looks appetizing and you’ll want to try it all.

Thing is, you quickly learn two things.  1) Nothing is labelled in English so you don’t know what it is or what’s good and 2) There’s so much that looks good, it’s hard to tell if it’s actually good.

#1 All the Kit Kats

When it comes to unique flavours, my pick is the wasabi one that’s typically packaged in a nicer box like you see here.

#2 Chocolat Blanc/Shiroi Koibito

These are white chocolate squares sandwiched between freshly baked langue de chat biscuits.

Basically a fluffy cake with banana custard inside and in the cute shape of a banana. Think super cute Twinky but all-banana.

#3 Tokyo Banana

#4 ROYCE’ Chocolate

A ganache type of chocolate that has a velvety smooth texture that literally melts in your mouth. Its texture almost doesn’t resemble what you expect in chocolate and is an indulgence like no other.

#5 Instant Matcha Green Tea

The Matcha Au Lait in the green packaging was found at Don Quijote and they come in these small packages that are really easy to hand out as souvenirs or to use at home.

#6 Blendy Drip Coffee

They come individually packaged and are brilliantly designed where the paper part of the filter extends out like claws to clamp onto your coffee mug.

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