10 Day Itinerary For Egypt 

Egypt is a land of wonder. From the epic pyramids, the mystic Nile, and endless layers of stories, this is the kind of trip that will literally blow your mind at every turn.

Follow along here to find out what the journey looked like from start to end including what to see, do, eat, and where to stay.

Day 1 – Cairo – The Arrival

You shouldn’t have too much planned because you’ll want to settle in and try to get over the jet lag quickly.

The pyramids open at 8AM so ideally you’re one of the first ones there before or as the giant tour busses roll in.

Day 2 – Cairo –  All the Pyramids

Day 3 – Cairo – Antiquities Old and New

After zig-zagging through traffic and all of the crazy honking that comes with it, start your day off having breakfast in an older part of town. 

Day 4 – Luxor – Ancient City of Thebes

It’s time to put Cairo behind and catch an early morning flight to Luxor because there is so much more of Ancient Egypt to explore and learn about.

Day 5 – Luxor – West Bank

You’ll be tackling all of the biggest and most impressive sites on the West Bank of Luxor. It’ll be a step back in time that’ll leave you completely amazed.

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