The Best 12-Day Shikoku Itinerary

This stunning island, tucked away from the bustling crowds, offers a unique blend of natural wonders, rich cultural heritage, and tranquil landscapes.

This is a road trip version of a Shikoku itinerary so many of the specifics relate to being able to drive from location to location. That said, we’ve tried to share alternative details where we can.

Feel The Energy of Tokushima

Ride the Bizan Ropeway for stunning city views, witness the captivating Naruto whirlpools on a boat tour, and soak in the vibrant atmosphere of an Awa Odori dance performance in the evening.

Enter Hidden Iya Valley

You’ll start off going blue over the time-honored tradition of indigo dyeing. From there, you’ll drive into the heart of Iya Valley where you’ll quickly realize that you’re in a mystical place like no other in Japan.

Uncover Iya Valley Secrets

Iya Valley is often called one of the “three most remote places in Japan”. By being cut off from the rest of the country for so long, you’re treated to more examples of Iya Valley’s old world charm.

From Yokai to Castles

The center and east end of Iya Valley. On the western side Oboke Gorge where you’ll find emerald green waters, white rock faces, and jutting cliffs. It’s here that legendary yokai take over.

Deep in the Kochi mountains, Nobuya-san focuses on an ancient forging technique that dates back 1500 years. Taking from his own philosophy of connecting with nature and the old-style of living.

Knife-Making in Shimanto

Adventure in Nakatsu Gorge

Enter Nakatsu Gorge. You’ll once again delve into the mountains valleys of inner Shikoku, where pristine turquoise water, ancient moss, dramatic waterfalls, and giant boulders await.

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