New Zealand is a vast, dynamic, yet compact country which makes it easy to explore and see a ton. You get to see almost everything you want to without having to do any real double backs.

This travel guide is meant to get down to the details of what you need to know to plan your own Middle-Earth-sized 3 week New Zealand itinerary.

Day 1 – Goodbye Sydney, Hello Queenstown

It’s a place where you’re going to want to base yourself at least for a couple of days and that means it won’t be go-go-go right from the beginning.

Day 2 – Horseback Riding in Glenorchy

The best way to take in the landscape around Glenorchy is neither on foot or by car.  It’s by horse and that’s why the early morning start is needed.

One of the jewels of the New Zealand is its largest park, Fjordland National Park. Carved by glaciers millions of years ago, this is a sight you have to see in person.

Day 3 – Milford Sound

Day 4 – Thrills in Queenstown

The most ridiculous boat ride known to man. It’s called Shotover Jet and it’s an action packed experience that has you barreling through the canyon and boulders at unreal speeds.

Day 5 – The Start of the Reverse Traverse

With the Queenstown leg coming to a close, there isn’t much time to do anything substantial for this day since the Flying Kiwi pick up is at 2:30PM.

Day 6 to 17 – Flying Kiwi

This was a really cool hybrid road trip itinerary because we got to spend 2/3 of the trip guided by experts and travelling with new friends that we met on Flying Kiwi. 

Next steps

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