Travelling in the winter time isn't for everyone but it can be with the right preparation.

This guide is meant for those kind of trips where you'll be going somewhere that averages -10°C (14°F), most of your activities will be outdoors, and you'll be relatively active.


Two primary pieces in your layering system are the outer shell and mid-layer jacket. Arc'teryx Zeta AR Arc'teryx Proton LT Hoody

A good fleece is necessary but a quality technical fleece is even better if you can swing it. These served as the second layer. Patagonia R1 Arc'teryx Delta MX

Technical Fleece

Base layer tops are like underwear. They're next-to-skin and since the other layers are re-used throughout your entire trip, you'll probably want a couple of these in your rotation.

Base Layers


After your underwear, there's a base layer, followed by a fleece, and finally a waterproof shell. – Icebreaker BodyfitZone Merino 260 3/4 Leggings Arc'teryx Gamma AR  Arc'teryx Beta AR

Underwear and Socks

The unglamorous part of any packing list. ExOfficio Give-N-Go Boxer Briefs Various thermal socks

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