Kichi-where?  For those that don't know, Kichijoji (吉祥寺, Kichijōji) is a western suburb of Tokyo that is quickly becoming the most popular neighbourhood to live in right now.

There's a lot of good reasons for that including liveability, easy access with the JR Chuo line, and beautiful Inokshira Park, popularity amongst young people but the one big reason to visit as a traveller is their food.

Street food and its plethora of snacking options and cafes make it a great spot to hangout for locals and visitors alike.


All food spots, sightseeing destinations, and shopping areas worth visiting are marked in this map.

Best Kichijoji food map

Satou Kichijoji

North of Kichijoji JR station and at the corner is a wildly busy shopping arcade intersection is take out windows of Satou.


With the store front that seems to sell so many different things, train your eyes towards to the right where you'll see the homemade crispy fish cake delicacies.

Tsukada Suisan

To balance the savoury, we head to an extremely popular sweets shop in an area of Kichijoji known as Harmonica Yokocho.

Taigashi Hompo Amane

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